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Письмо в Международную Организацию Труда на английском и русском языках

International Labor Organization

Ladies and gentlemen! Excuse for troubling. Unfortunately, I just found out that my assistants sent a letter to Mr. Director-General Guy Ryder in Russian. I apologize. Please give him this text in English. Sincerely.

Alexander Korotkov (направлено 7 ноября 2019)

To General Director Guy Ryder

Dear Mr. Guy Ryder,

The Time is the essence of the Universe, Society and human. The God have created the free time to oblige the humans do not work on the day. However, the seven-day “working” cycle for all seasons have been created by humans with the strict social system in “privet” and “work” life.
The car manufacturer Henry Ford has created two weekend day (5 working days and 2 rest days) cycle realizing the problem was not in the seventh day when it was the free time all along. That action has increased the production output and the whole world has followed in the same manner.


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